Le Chéile Information

Charles Hulgraine

My visual image of Wales, where I went on holidays with my parents in the 60's, has always been the mirror similarities of the rural landscape of Wales and our own in Ireland,formerly linked by land mass.Our land and soil must also be one and the same.These rural similarities are most notably evident in the silent guardians of the hills and valleys--Trees.
Along with our common Celtic culture,language and symbolism, I can think of no more suitable a topic for recipricol Art making than these Trees/Roots and in particular,Celtic tree Worship.Almost all kinds of tree found in the Celtic countries have been thought to have special powers or to serve as an abode of the faries,especially the trio of Oak (dair in Irish and derwen in Welsh),also Ash,Yew and Thorn.After this in rank are the fruit bearing trees Apple and Hazel,followed by the alder,elder,holly and willow.
Many Irish and no doubt Welsh placenames,emanate from tree association; eg -St Brigets monastic foundation was at Cill Dara (church of the oak,Kildare) where we at Leinster Print are located.The esteem given to different trees varies in different parts of the Celtic world and I intend to link up the esteem and worship of Trees in our respective Celtic zones.