Le Chéile Information

Frances Carlile

I lived in rural Mid Wales for twenty five years and now live on the boarders of Powys. The Welsh landscape has always been part of my work both in sculpture and print. I have recently begun to make prints based on imaginary fairy tales and myths. Myths and legends are a universal language and belong to everyone. I am hoping to make links with Welsh and Irish traditional stories inorder to inform my work.

I think of landscape in terms of space, as a backdrop, an arena or a stage. Within this arena an imaginary protagonist could be enacting a solitary drama. The protagonist could be present in the form of an animal, person or tree, or absent with the stage empty. The beginning and end of the narrative are not important for the work, although sometimes I construct a series of images that could be set in sequence. The work is about quietness, solitude and absence.

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