Le Chéile Information

Alison Craig

Alison Craig was born and brought up in Britain: her father is a Scot from Aberdeen, and her mother was English. Alison has drawn and painted all her life, and after working for many years in the National Health Service she became a full-time artist. She moved to rural North Wales in 1990.

“My work is grounded in my love of observational drawing, a process which allows me to investigate my surroundings and experience them more intimately. Using the traditional disciplines of painting, drawing & printmaking, I record my responses to the subject rather than trying to depict it with clinical accuracy. Most of my current work derives from my interest in the natural world and, specifically, in the countryside around my home in rural North Wales where the land has been shaped by the weather and the activities of humankind through the ages. The curves of the hillsides and the interlocking patterns of the field boundaries combine under the influence of the changing seasons to provide a unique landscape. The countryside is at once ever-changing and everlasting: the evidence of past centuries is all around us, and the land will survive in some form even after the depredations of its present occupants. It is this sense of continuity which drives my desire to explore the landscape.”