Le Chéile Information

Ian Williams

I am a painter and printmaker, based in the Vale of Clwyd, North Wales. My work is generally based on day-to-day experiences, and set in the modern rural landscape, but abstracted so as to render any narrative and meaning obscure. I like to weave thoughts and internal imagery into the work, because these are part of ones reality, even whilst standing on top of a mountain.

I am interested in symbolism, and how signs are interpreted by different people and cultures. Lately I have been particularly interested in the cross, which can take on many meanings, beyond the religious or the patriotic. Interpretation and meaning are always subjective; the symbolism you might see in my work is your symbolism rather than mine.

My photographs of "found crosses" worked well with Pamela de Brí's intaglio prints of ancient maps and scripts, so I blended them to make these digital prints, which in turn will be used as a basis for the next phase of collaboration.