Le Chéile Information

Steffan Jones-Hughes

This piece is me, as a bird. I moved back to Wales in 2002, having been born in Bangor, I had never lived here. I was born while my parents were studying at the Royal College of Art in London. My Father is Welsh and my Mother of Irish parentage, I had been brought up in London and North West England, but had maintained a strong link with family in Wales. There is always a need within all of us to find our roots, to find where we belong, where we come from, and this was something that I began to explore on my return to Wales and was partly why I wanted to create some kind of exchange between Wales and Ireland. My mother’s family had moved over to Holyhead from Ireland and established a business. When I moved to the village where I live now I discovered that my Grandfather had been born three miles away, that his father could well have delivered the post to my home. I have since discovered that I live within a few miles of a half aunt, but that’s another story.