Le Chéile Information

Andrew Smith

As a painter my practice is inherently studio based and I work in a dedicated light filled space. The subject of colour has been the overriding concern leading to the analysis of shape and surface in relation to colour-space-areas. Due to geographic location and issues of cultural context my practice has included the idea of exchange. Where and how an artwork is made and shown has become an integral function leading to the formation of collaborative partners.

Edge of Land (Borderlakes) and After Copley were made as part of Le Chéile: the Welsh/Irish collaborative printmaking exchange, created between the Regional Print Centre, Wrexham and Leinster Print Studio, Clane, Ko. Kildare. In this project new ideas and works were to be made on a twinning collaborative principle. Artists not previously introduced would work together producing new work along the broad themes of land and identity. Eilish McCann and myself embarked on a collaborative exchange of ideas and this was further realised as productive artwork with Veronica Calarco. Distance and place have been recurring themes as regions and continents are crossed in the dialogue of creative communication. The edge of land and borders imply crossing, or the need to cross, lines and territories to other unfamiliar places. Overall our dialogue has been local and familiar (everyday), but also considering the wider issues of land and place, territory and location.

current art practice: http://energystations.blogspot.com/